Hello and welcome to Simply Shay! I’m Shay Walter- a bargain hunter, design lover, DIYer, part time chef, cocka-poo loving, newlywed, living in the southern state of Tennessee.

In pursuit of my dream farm house on a dime budget, I shop thrift stores, flee markets, retail shops, and yard sales with an eye for renovating and decorating spaces, repurposing found objects, and creating new things. My motto is “fabulous, for less” and I’ll show you how to fix up your place with finesse. I will also be sharing new recipes, entertaining ideas, fashion advice and all those other good tips to help us women balance our jobs, families, friends, day-to-day responsibilities and everything else life throws at us!

You’ll find me happiest on date nights with my charming husband, catching up with my girlfriends, flipping houses with my family, enjoying a round of golf (weather permitting, of course!), in the midst of a home project with my handyman of a hubby, and a good cup of joe. I’m a lifelong lover or pearls, bows, cheesy jokes, Saturday brunches, and an afternoon of shopping!

I’m a full time working woman who has a love and passion for interior design, shopping, cooking, and trying to be the “perfect” southern wife. I always share my tips and tricks with my friends & coworkers whenever I transform a space or create something new, whenever I find that awesome new receipe, or find a “deal” that you can’t pass up. I was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Sydney, to start this blog. I will be writing about how to make your house a home and tips on how to tackle life. The focus here is inspiring interior design, smart home improvement, and creative DIY projects along with tips & advice that will help the everyday housewife or the soon-to-be wives!

With that being said, I am new at this whole blogging thing, but I will learn as I go (bear with me!). I always love a new adventure so I’m sure this will be a fun journey! Okay, enough about me- I hope you enjoy!

Xoxo, Shay


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